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vartype beta

This tool is published and maintained by Space Type as a way for designers, developers, and everyone in between to experiment with Variable Fonts in kinetic contexts.

We are dedicated to inclusive education, accessible technology, and open creative tools that empower all members of our community. We welcome fresh eyes, diverse backgrounds, and personal stories that reflect the many ways we interact with language in physical and online spaces.

If you would like your variable font to be considered for inclusion as a preset, please see the following section.

Getting Involved

This website is currently in beta. You can stay up to date on new additions by following our newsletter:

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There's a lot of room to grow, and we're interested in hearing from you. If you have any feedback, feature requests, or bug reports, check out our upcoming roadmap and reach out to us below.

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Security and Privacy

We do not store any data about uploaded files. This website runs entirely in your browser and does not communicate with external locations except to download trusted third-party libraries like p5.js.

We do not store or transmit any audio information from your microphone when using sound-based sketches.

Browser and Device Support

Variable fonts are not consistently supported across the web. Especially on Safari, iOS, and older browsers, you may encounter some bugginess and performance issues.

To the best of our ability, we are implementing workarounds to ensure that you have the most seamless experience when using our website. However, we recommend using Desktop Chrome or Firefox for the intended experience.

Additional Resources

Check out other resources for experimenting with variable fonts:

You can download free and for-purchase variable fonts from the following collections: